One Night with Gini


Already exhausted from our hot Heavyrubberplay –  the rubber smell still completely fogged. But to spend the night fully rubberized in the rubber bag makes you freak out completely.

Weightless, timeless and surrounded by the rubber smell, you can indulge yourself completely and forget everyday life. I’ll chain you up and lock you up. So you can not escape.

Whether the lascivious secretary sells the time in chains with slippery games or whether the strict doctor drills you to detailed investigations in the SM clinic. Let me surprise you!

With me you can live for several hours in your frivolous dream world! Although you tell me your inclinations and I meet your wishes, you will be surprised by my fantasies and the myriad facets of my personality for sure. My immense versatility will turn your studio night into an adventure that you’ll never forget.

Dive off – a whole night !!