In Match 2018, I met Mike D. in a Café in Düsseldorf next to the Rhine.
It was a very insightful and intense conversation.

Mike: Hello Gini, nice that you are here today. You look great as always.

Gini: Hello Mike. Yes, I was thinking you should seize the opportunity. We have not seen each other for a long time.

Mike: That’s right. You have not changed at all compared to our last meeting. Except for your hair color, which looks wonderful on you. Reminds me of the Gini from the beginning times. At that time you also had brown hair.

Gini: Yeah right (laugh) At the very beginning, when  I started working as a professional femdom, I was brunette. Then I was blond for many years and about 2 years ago I switched back to brunette. I just was tired about dyeing the constant color and what many may Not know, Dark brown is my natural hair color.

Mike: It almost sounds like the process with your hair color has a process with yourself and your Insider too.

Gini: Yeah, that’s what you can sag. For a woman changing her hairstyle, hair color, hair length etc. almost always has to do with her inner me and her life stages . As far as I’m concerned, I’d say I’ve grounded myself and found myself in recent years. I’ve gone through different phases, and I’m still undergoing Change and Never Stop Learning. I continue to reinvent myself and see things from different perspectives.

Mike: Has your style of dominance and the Nature of your BDSM Game changed as well?

Gini: Well, in fact, the way I design a session and the way I carry my dominance to the outside has evolved , I Would say. But in essence, this whole scenario is me, as I always was and be. No session is like the other, which is completely self-evident, because no person is like the other and everyone is an individual for himself. Thus every Session is individual.

Mike: You said your dominance and your Game in a BDSM Session have evolved. Am I right with the assumption that BDSM and your profession as a dominatrix is more than just a Job for you?

Gini: I agree. I Would say it’s my natural trait, which is why I’m a dominatrix today. BDSM in all its facets is my Passion and I Would Not be myself if I had a different concept of life. Then, in fact, I Would be lying to myself and my natural Passion Would Not be lived out. Therefore I Would contradict my Nature and Not so what I want, which Would result in me Not being my myself. A terrible thought.

Mike: You are especially known as latex mistress and latexfetishist. As Rubberdoll Gini you have introduced many guests in the past into the subject and Material Latex. How is it today?

Gini: Off course, today I also receive a lot of latex fetishists and make newcomers familiar with the Topic. Na wardrope also houses a lot more latex outfits and I still do Not get enough of latex today (laugh). Latex is still in focus for me and is the fetish by being the most Open. I am always looking forward to long latex Sessions. Why long latex Sessions? Because I can extend my entire or at least a large Part of my Resume there und you get into latex Sessions in a kind of intoxication and the Material Latex can be so fully and completely savored.

Mike: When you Talk about latex like that, I realize that this is your Personal Passion. What’s up with your name „Rubberdoll” ? Many assume a submissive, passive role when hearing „Rubberdoll”. In my opinion, you are the first lady in the Profifemdom area who calls herself Rubberdoll.

Gini: In fact, the Rubberdolls, who were called probands , have done a latex feminization. These where then educated to Rubberdolls and then served as a rubber Object. In fact, I have often been approached . I Call myself Rubberdoll firstly to underline my Personal latex fetish and in Connection with myself, the word „Rubberdoll” litarally meant. Meaningful: A beautyful Woman in Latex. Since I also like to have Sessions where I am completely in Latex – with catsuit, masks, gloves, etc. I thought the term „Rubberdoll” describes me the best.

Mike: Very interesting. And, I’ve already thought of something like that. I have noticed that since a few years the Name „Miss Gini Ginelli” has appeared in Connection with you.

Gini: As I just said, I’m constantly reinventing myself and Miss Gini Ginelli is a kind of spin-off of my personality. A Classic Version of the Gini that I am otherwise. Miss Gini Ginelli is a diva, a ruler, the evil queen in a fairy tale. Miss Gini Ginelli – that’s me. She is a Part of me that I did not know how to define in the past. But After I returned to myself grounded and found, I also found this cold and gloomy Part of me. I decided to Let he be, as well as the other facets of my personality. Not everything’s black or white, also gray exist.

Mike: Wow, I always find it interesting to Talk to you., Gini. In conservation, I realize that you are a very intelligent young lady who is Really Thinking and self-aware. Keep it up!