Rubberdoll Gini

Nonstop Erotic

Über mich

I am Miss Gini Ginelli ans National, as well as internationally known as Mistress and Latexfetishist.
BDSM in all its facets is part of my life and it is real Passion that motivate and excite me permanently.

In the professional SM, I started at a very young age, from then on I have created my own style, to live my life, developed myself permanently and today I have profound positive experience in all areas.

My own ambition and perfectionism are my instincts for bizarre implementations at the highest level – I love the extremes and the communal complete acting out with my guest, who as me, is looking for the total, absolute break from everyday life in all debauchery and in an extraordinary way.

For Me there is no inclination and no inner yearning strange, quite the contrary. Make me your present and leave me the control, Open up and trust me – then we will light our rocket that will bring ja straight to the universe!

Spoken languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Française

Classic Dominance

Experience, Competence, a fine sense of your true, true worlds of thoughts, best implementation deep into the bizarre dominance, convincing and lasting in the final consequence offered by a prudent , in every respect authentic, in addition to a young and very attractive dominatrix – I offer you all this.

Classic dominance is based on real disposition and also sadism, the desire to rule all over you, to manipulate your world of ideas in my sense and from you completely new to my very personal, compliant and ready for anything pupil, slave or servant.

Directorial direction and benevolent manipulation of others are at the core of my being, since I can think, I determine over others and possibly also about you.

Yet, my sadism never rules out my own sensitivity to your desires and needs – it is very important to me to know everything about you and to move deeply into the black part of your lustful soul. My bandwidth and actual competencies are comprehensive – see for yourself.


Latex & Heavyrubber

As a proven latex fetishist I have countless first outfits that fill several closets. It is not just a material, but resembles a second skin, shiny and flattering in all colors and versions. Domination of a special kind and in all odds down to very extreme, I enjoy much in intensive, elaborate „Heavyrubber” stagings. Complete detachment from all earthly, unconditional trust in me, an actual master of this genre, will be what you bring to and with me.

All control and power go to me and I determine and have you in full to the smallest detail.



Your hospitalization with me, Bizarre-Doctor Gini Ginelli, takes place in all thoroughness and substainability and includes even the most intimate, scrupulously accurate examinations and after taking anamnesis and clinical
findings tested target-oriented applications and treatment plans.

Health requires a balanced soul life of the subject in addition to professional execution of his medical chloryphae, so I prefer revealing outfits and an end, which Not only frees you, but makes you Happy.

Appointment only to private patients!